March 1, 2023

To promote the Bachelor program in Aerospace Engineering, City University of Hong Kong The CityU CENG Tech Day on 18 February 2023. Our lab played a big role in holding a half-day workshop on Bio-Inspired Micro Aerial Vehicles. The event brought together over 60 high school students and faculty members.

Led by Dr Songnan Bai, the event kicked off with a brief introduction to drones and their various applications. The students were then given a crash course in aerodynamics, which is the study of the motion of air and how it interacts with objects, such as wings. The main focus was on lift and drag, the two primary forces that allow a drone to fly.

The students were then divided into groups and given a hands-on activity where they had to create their own monocopters from provided components such as wings, motors, and batteries. With guidance from experienced instructors, the students had the opportunity to design and build their own drones, and test them out right away.

As the students worked on their robots, they learned about the various components that make up a drone, such as the propellers, the motor, and the battery. They also learned about the importance of balance and weight distribution in creating a stable and drone.

Overall, the event was a huge success, with the students leaving with a newfound appreciation for the world of flying robots. They not only learned about the scientific principles that make drones possible but also got hands-on experience in designing and building their own. The event was an excellent example of how to make learning fun and engaging, and we hope to see more of such educational events in the future.